Monday, December 3, 2012

FEATURE - How To Sync Your iPod With Xbox 360

Tech today has always been about linking all your devices together. From your consoles to your iPhones and such, it's always more fun when you have to option to take control of all your media and tech from one station. This is why there are programs designed to link up your desktop to your PS3 and other devices along the same lines. However, when it comes to some tech, the borders of licenses and patents always clash, and you end up having to go through extreme lengths just to make each program get together. For this little tutorial you'll learn exactly how to sync your iPod with Xbox 360 and how you can play movies and music through this connection. You can also watch TV on your iPhone and iPod device by downloading certain apps.

The Program To Make It Work 

First off, there is an alternate way to make this work. You see, your iPod can also double as a means to store information as it acts as a storage device. The space that is not taken up when you store music or movies is empty on the iPod itself. If you upload any info on that space without the use of iTunes then it stores it away on the free space and acts like a USB or a portable hard drive. You can transfer your movies and music right on to the hard drive of your Xbox this way. However, sometimes this method does not work, as the two devices are at times incompatible.

The other method is through the use of another program from the Xbox marketplace. There are tons to look through and depending on your region; the download should be around the 400s for the US and the 200s in the UK. Just head on over to the games section of the Xbox marketplace and scroll down until you hit a game called 'Optional Media Update'. This will be the program so just download it and get the transfer started. The description should read something like 'play movies and music from your iPod'.

When you're done, hook up your iPod to the Xbox 360 and run the program. It should be able to see your iPod and play any media from that device. The problem with this method is that you can't replicate the results through the iTouch or an iPhone. It really is just limited to the iPod and that's just the bad news.

So there you have it, an easy way to make the best of your gaming console along with your iPod. Beyond the iPod syncing, you can also take advantage of the console you own through charging your iProduct. A few tweaks in the system and a quick modification should turn your Xbox into an all-around media center much like your PC. If you own another iDevice and would like to learn about syncing it to your Xbox as well, check out AppsPirate to learn how to do it properly.

A quick disclaimer before you try anything though. Make sure to follow instructions on mods down to the dot and make sure you're looking at reliable sources instead. If you do something wrong, those mods can destroy your console and a software replacement might take a lot more of your time, and in some cases, your money.